Bluewater Seafood

I went to Bluewater seafood yesterday. I was with my dad, my mom, and my sister nora the picky eater. My dad said I could choose any two meats. I chose shrimp and catfish. We have a friend who works there named Lily.

I liked everything I got except hushpuppies. I hate them. My food was so delicious and fun. I don’t know how to peel crawfish so my parents help me.

I think everyone should go there.

Grade: A+


9 thoughts on “Bluewater Seafood”

  1. Bluewater is my absolute favorite restaurant. I’m seafood crazy!! I think your blogs are awesome Daly, and I’m proud of you for working on them. πŸ™‚

    1. I have trouble with crawfish too! I really like your blog, keep up the good work, Daly. Give your mom and Grandma a hug from Ms. Georgina

  2. Annnnnnnnnnd now I’m craving crawfish….Crawfish is SO expensive up here in Austin(and not near as good)! I love your blog buddy, keep it up!!!

  3. Yumm! Blue Water is one of my favorite places for crawfish. Tell your mom and dad to call us next time you guys go!

  4. I hope these blogs are made into a book. They are priceless

    Love you Daly and I love crawfish

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