Bad Review of The Bake Shoppe

Today my mom took me to The Bake Shoppe. I wanted chicken and dumplings but they weren’t cooking it yet. They gave me tortilla soup instead. My food wasn’t really good. It was really weird. My mom and my sister didn’t really like it very much. My sister ate a huge PB and J sandwich. She could barely eat it. I wanted to go to JAX burgers. It was next door. I never want to go back to The Bake Shoppe. 
P.S. This is Daly.   

Grade: F–

11 thoughts on “Bad Review of The Bake Shoppe”

  1. I WILL NEVER GO THERE!! Thank you Daly.

    P.S. One day come to my house and we will make chicken and dumplings

  2. I’m so glad I found this blog! It’s so hard to get an honest opinion on food these days! Thanks Daly- I’m NEVER going to the Bake Shoppe- there is nothing worse than being told No at a restaurant. I always want to ask them, “why is it on your menu then?!?”
    Thanks for your honesty, Daly!

  3. Whew – thanks for the heads up! Can’t go anywhere that messes up the classic PB&J.

  4. How can anyone mess up peanut butter and jelly?

    Thank you Daly. Aunt Danie does make good chicken and dumplings and she will make a killer peanut butter and jelly for Nora.

  5. I won’t be going there! Thank you for letting me know. I’m not fond of tortilla soup either, I like chicken and dumplings-the vegan kind, anyway.

  6. Anytime you can choose a burger, go burger! Especially JAX. Thanks for the honest review.

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