I went to Tad’s today. It is in Tomball. I went with my family. I got the crawfish ettouffe and it was fantastic. I also got boiled crawfish. It was super spicy but cool. When I come back I will get the catfish. 
Grade: A+

12 thoughts on “Tad’s”

  1. Daly, you are an adventurous eater. That’s very cool. A lot of people your age don’t like new kinds of food.

  2. Let the good times roll, Daly!! Keep on telling those good reviews. I had fun with you in New Orleans! That cajun food makes me hungry!

  3. Omg Daly!!!! I just passed there yesterday and was wondering how the crawfish was. Let’s go back!!! I don’t like crawfish so you can get that, but I LOVE spicy crawfish. Date???

  4. Yum. Take me there when I come. I really don’t like too spicy. But I love gumbo. Great positive comments!!

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