Hey I’m sorry I haven’t made videos for a long time, but don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel. DJDalyDouble.
Okay so I went to this new place, I forgot the name to it. It was a japanese place and they had hibachi, sushi and oher things too. We ordered some onion soup and I drank about 3 bowls. Then I got the chefs special which was rice, steak and chicken. I ate all that and I would say it was about between 16 and 50 ounces. The chef who was with us was really funny and I would say that I packed up the pounds. 

Afterwards I just came back home and relaxed a little. Also I am sorry for not making a lot of videos on my YouTube channel. I have been really busy throughout my life. So that is my experience at the grand opening of that japanese restaurent. Oh my dad said it was Sapporo.

Grade: A-

Boy won.