Danie’s Crawfish Boil

We went to my Aunt Danie’s house. She was having a crawfish boil party. I went there with my parents, my cousins, my sister, and my cousin’s friend Will. There was lots of people there.


First, I swam with Nora, Carson, Keith, and Will. We played categories, king of the hill, and Marco polo. In king of the hill, Will hit Carson on the arm and me on the chest. Carson punched him. I slapped him in the arm but we really had a good time.


Next, my dad and Nicholas boiled the crawfish in a big pot. It was really spicy. Carson didn’t eat many. I ate a lot but it hurt my finger.


Finally, I watched the sandlot 2 but I really wanted to go home to take a bath. I felt homesick.  

I had a good time there.

Grade: A- because I hurt my finger