Boy vs Food: Thai Food

I went to Ploys Thai Cuisine. I went with Mamaw, Carson and Nora. Me and Carson wanted to do the boys vs food. I ordered the Thai fried rice. He ordered the samurai. He didn’t finish his, but I got to finish mine. Oh I almost forgot. This place is right by Mamaw’s neighborhood in Shenandoah. So after the challenge I had to go to the restroom. I ordered a lemonade too. This was the best. It was better than Thai noodles.


Boy vs Food: Pho

I made up a new thing called boy vs food. It’s like Adam richman in his show. My challenge today was round steak and flank pho. I didn’t know how many pounds it was. I ate the whole thing. I didn’t puke. It was enough to fill me up. I had two sips of water and spring rolls.

Boy won.