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Hey I’m sorry I haven’t made videos for a long time, but don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel. DJDalyDouble.
Okay so I went to this new place, I forgot the name to it. It was a japanese place and they had hibachi, sushi and oher things too. We ordered some onion soup and I drank about 3 bowls. Then I got the chefs special which was rice, steak and chicken. I ate all that and I would say it was about between 16 and 50 ounces. The chef who was with us was really funny and I would say that I packed up the pounds. 

Afterwards I just came back home and relaxed a little. Also I am sorry for not making a lot of videos on my YouTube channel. I have been really busy throughout my life. So that is my experience at the grand opening of that japanese restaurent. Oh my dad said it was Sapporo.

Grade: A-

Boy won. 

Boy v food: Chinese food

I went to Hunan River Bistro today. I got wonton soup, an egg roll and house fried rice. I devoured the wonton soup and egg roll. When I got my main course, I dug in and went super speed. I was almost there. But I failed.

So today in the the battle of Boy vs Food….

Food won 🙁

Boy vs Food: Thai Food

I went to Ploys Thai Cuisine. I went with Mamaw, Carson and Nora. Me and Carson wanted to do the boys vs food. I ordered the Thai fried rice. He ordered the samurai. He didn’t finish his, but I got to finish mine. Oh I almost forgot. This place is right by Mamaw’s neighborhood in Shenandoah. So after the challenge I had to go to the restroom. I ordered a lemonade too. This was the best. It was better than Thai noodles.


Boy vs Food: Pho

I made up a new thing called boy vs food. It’s like Adam richman in his show. My challenge today was round steak and flank pho. I didn’t know how many pounds it was. I ate the whole thing. I didn’t puke. It was enough to fill me up. I had two sips of water and spring rolls.

Boy won.

Papagayos Mexican restaurant

I am in papagayos in San Antonio. I am going to try to devour a chorizo,egg and bean burrito. Like boy vs food.

 I got chips and salsa, but the chips were awful. I went here one time during my dad’s birthday. I don’t know what I got though. I would never come here again because of the chips, but my mom and Dad think it’s the best place to eat in San Antonio.

I devoured my chorizo,egg and bean burrito. It was grilled because it was brown. I liked it but I didn’t like the brown,but I liked the inside of it.

Grade: B+

Asian and Mini’s Restaurent

We went to this new place to go celebrate my book talk presentation at school. I even got a 100 on it. So we went to Asian and Mini’s restaurant. I got the shrimp lo mein but mom got me the kids size, which was a short dinner. Mom got beef stew. Dad got pad Thai and Nora got a salad and not good fish. I got lemonade. It tasted okay. Even though not good fish means I see ketchup, which makes me uncomfortable. Bye bye.
Grade: B–


I went to Sodolaks Beef Masters in Bryan Tx. The drinks come in big glasses. I ordered the 16 oz steak which is known as 1 pound.

I ate the 16 oz steak. I ate all of it. It was juicy and pink. 

Grade: A++

New Braunfels 2016

Day 1
Today is the big day! We are going to New Braunfels today.

We packed our stuff and left, but dad went to pick up some ice and after that we were on our way. Then we went to Whataburger. I got a double meat Whataburger Jr.  
Grade: A- 

When we got to New Braunfels, we went to Denny’s because my parents were moaning when they were hungry. I played Snapchat with my mom and so did Nora and Dad. My Brooklyn spaghetti and meatballs was good. I felt like I lived in New York.
Grade: B+

Then we floated the river. I went with my family and my cousins. My favorite part was when we did the chutes and the ride home on the bus. When we came home we ate hot dogs. Mamaw made them. I liked them. 

The games that me Carson and Nora played were card games and Jenga. We stayed up late and at 11:00PM I was not asleep.

Day 2

I floated the river again today. I like the last 2 chutes. The first one was my least favorite because I got stuck a lot. I might go into the river again. 

I went to Dairy Queen with Nora Mamaw and James. I got the belt buster. 
Grade: A+

At night, we played hide and seek outside with Keith, Carson, Nora, Alyssa, Chris, Drew and three other girls. Now they are playing the Sardine game but I didn’t play because I didn’t know what it was and second of all, I thought it might be boring.

Day 3

I got up this morning and me Carson and Nora played cards. Then we started packing to go home. On our way home, we went to Schobels for lunch. I got the crawfish and shrimp etouffee.
Grade: A-

The trip was OK. I don’t want to go again next year because I got homesick on Day 2.

Fogo de Chao

I went to Fogo de Chao. The restaurant is special because they serve you all kinds of meats. My most favorite thing was the Sprite and rice. My least favorite was the lemonade because it was kind of milky. Mom’s favorite thing was the lamb and Nora’s was the sirloin and dad’s was the special. I got free ice cream for dessert. I would not come here again because it is in The Woodlands. Too far.
Grade: B-