Pie Five Pizza Co.

I went to Pie Five yesterday. I got to make my own pizza. I topped mine with pepperoni, black olives, beef, and all sorts of topping. It tasted like it was the coolest food ever. I went with Danie, me, and Nora. I got artisan crust. Danie got thin crust. 

You should really try it sometime.

Grade: A++

Pei Wei

I went to Pei Wei today. They have an Asian diner. Me and my mom got the teriyaki chicken. I got no onions but my mom did. I loved it. I had a great time at Pei Wei. 
Grade: B+

P.S. Asian food is the coolest. 

Tofu Pho at Pho Ton

I went to Pho Ton with my family. I got the pitcher of lemonade.  

 I did not like the lemonade. It was limeade.

Also I got the sliced tofu pho. I didn’t eat all of it. I felt like boiled eggs.  It is made of soy beans. 

I also got spring rolls known as shrimp salad rolls. Spring rolls and sliced tofu are the coolest foods. 

I loved everything. The only thing I did not like was the limeade. 

Grade: A-