I went to Sodolaks Beef Masters in Bryan Tx. The drinks come in big glasses. I ordered the 16 oz steak which is known as 1 pound.

I ate the 16 oz steak. I ate all of it. It was juicy and pink. 

Grade: A++

New Braunfels 2016

Day 1
Today is the big day! We are going to New Braunfels today.

We packed our stuff and left, but dad went to pick up some ice and after that we were on our way. Then we went to Whataburger. I got a double meat Whataburger Jr.  
Grade: A- 

When we got to New Braunfels, we went to Denny’s because my parents were moaning when they were hungry. I played Snapchat with my mom and so did Nora and Dad. My Brooklyn spaghetti and meatballs was good. I felt like I lived in New York.
Grade: B+

Then we floated the river. I went with my family and my cousins. My favorite part was when we did the chutes and the ride home on the bus. When we came home we ate hot dogs. Mamaw made them. I liked them. 

The games that me Carson and Nora played were card games and Jenga. We stayed up late and at 11:00PM I was not asleep.

Day 2

I floated the river again today. I like the last 2 chutes. The first one was my least favorite because I got stuck a lot. I might go into the river again. 

I went to Dairy Queen with Nora Mamaw and James. I got the belt buster. 
Grade: A+

At night, we played hide and seek outside with Keith, Carson, Nora, Alyssa, Chris, Drew and three other girls. Now they are playing the Sardine game but I didn’t play because I didn’t know what it was and second of all, I thought it might be boring.

Day 3

I got up this morning and me Carson and Nora played cards. Then we started packing to go home. On our way home, we went to Schobels for lunch. I got the crawfish and shrimp etouffee.
Grade: A-

The trip was OK. I don’t want to go again next year because I got homesick on Day 2.