Dinner at Carrabbas on Voss

I was at carrabbas Italian grill with my dad, mom and my sister Nora the picky eater.

First I got mama’s sicilian soup. Second I got the linguini something. It tasted like Italian food and I really did like everything.

Ice cream: I really liked the vanilla flavor because I really like it plain. It felt like low fat milk and tasted like milk.

My waiter’s name was Gerard and he gave me a t-shirt.

Grade: A+

dad’s chicken and rice

 The thing I really liked was the chicken, rice, and gravy. There wasn’t anything I did not like. It felt like juice and smelled like chicken. P.S. You should try it sometime it is so healthy and good and juicy.

Grade. A-

Dad’s fideo

Dad made me fideo. It has beans, ground turkey, and fideo noodles. I liked it because it tastes like hot sauce. I wish I could swim in it. It can be spicy sometimes and I have to take a drink of apple juice. 

P.S. I ate 2 bowls.

Grade: B-

P.P.S.  Thank you for all of the comments.

sausage wraps

I ate something that looked like a hot dog and drank apple juice. I liked the protein and bread. But I did not like the thick brown crust. It smelled and felt smooth and chewy. The food made me feel stuffed.