Granny Clark’s

Today I went to Granny Clark’s in Dublin, Texas. And they have a buffet there. It has really great seafood and it also has an ice cream machine called the Electro Freezer.    

 I liked the fried catfish. I didn’t really like the grilled catfish because it tasted weird.

They also have a salad bar. And finally, it’s a small restaurant. 
Grade: A-

8 thoughts on “Granny Clark’s”

  1. I pass through Dublin often on my way to Lubbock, Tx. Will have to try this place out, keep the reviews coming Daly.

  2. I like catsup with my fish. Your grandpa James loved fried catfish. That is what we had on our dates in Huntsville on his pay days .

    I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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