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Fogo de Chao

I went to Fogo de Chao. The restaurant is special because they serve you all kinds of meats. My most favorite thing was the Sprite and rice. My least favorite was the lemonade because it was kind of milky. Mom’s favorite thing was the lamb and Nora’s was the sirloin and dad’s was the special. I got free ice cream for dessert. I would not come here again because it is in The Woodlands. Too far.
Grade: B-

Maple Leaf Diner

I went to Maple Leaf Diner. It was Father’s Day and the restaurant was Canadian. I had marinara spaghetti. It tasted like thin noodles and it smelled like tomato sauce. I like this place. I want to come back. 
Grade: A+

P.s. We went to Dallas for vacation. We also went to spence and todd’s house.

Sushi Choo Choo

I went to Sushi Choo Choo. It was different from Nana’s because Nana’s doesn’t have the choo choo.

I ate 4 plates of sushi and udon noodles. It tasted like soft spaghetti and it felt smooth. I would eat the udon noodles again.

I didn’t like taking pictures because it embarrassed me.

Grade: A-

Granny Clark’s

Today I went to Granny Clark’s in Dublin, Texas. And they have a buffet there. It has really great seafood and it also has an ice cream machine called the Electro Freezer.    

 I liked the fried catfish. I didn’t really like the grilled catfish because it tasted weird.

They also have a salad bar. And finally, it’s a small restaurant. 
Grade: A-


I went to Tad’s today. It is in Tomball. I went with my family. I got the crawfish ettouffe and it was fantastic. I also got boiled crawfish. It was super spicy but cool. When I come back I will get the catfish. 
Grade: A+

New Orleans

Over the Christmas break we went to New Orleans. I went with my dad, my mom, and Nora.
I liked it but my feet hurt because I was walking too much. People walk a lot in New Orleans.
We stayed at the Crowne Plaza. We stayed on the 11th floor. The 3rd floor is where the pool is.
My favorite part was when we went to the aquarium and Audubon Zoo. I mostly saw sea animals. 
My other favorite place was the City Park where they had Christmas lights.
 My least favorite part was when we left the hotel to start walking.
Now I’m about to tell you all the places we went.
Café Beignet. I had Jambalaya. Dad really liked the beignets. A+
The Old Coffeepot. I had red beans and rice. B+
French Quarter. A++
The Ruby Slipper. The fire alarm went off. It sounded like a real fire alarm. It kept going on and off . People were clapping. The waitress told us that a kid did it.
I got 2 buttermilk pancakes. I only got to eat one because I was stuffed. I didn’t like the wait. C+
The Aquarium. A++
The Streetcar. A-
The shuttle to the zoo was crowded but I layed down. My parents were being silly. B+
The Zoo. A-
Gumbo Shop. I had a New York strip steak. A-


Mississippi River Bottom. I had fried catfish. A-
Surreys. I had eggs, beans, and potatoes. I didn’t like the potatoes and the juice was weird. C+.


Lilly’s. I had the pho combo. B+


McDonald’s. I had a hamburger and french fries. A+++
City Park. I rode tons of rides. I danced along to the music. We met my mom’s friend Jennifer. A++++++

When we left the hotel, we went to more places and i liked the car ride back home. Now I will show you pictures.

American Pie Diner. I had grilled Pork chops, eggs, and hashbrowns. A-
Gator Chateau. I held a baby gator. The gators were rough and I wasn’t scared. B+  
Steamboat Bills. I had crawfish etouffee and boiled crawfish. A+

The trip was awesome. I want to go back someday.


Moe’s Irish Pub

I went to Moe’s Irish pub. I got the kid’s burger. I ate all of it. This was my first time  here and my dad said that I should get kids stuff. I also got lemonade as my drink. I hope I come here again someday. 

Kroger Hot Wings

I went to Kroger today. I got the 10 spicy wings at the deli. They were very spicy. They felt rough and it was hard to chew. I loved them but it was different than the ones at Buffalo Wild Wings. I don’t think I’ll eat them again. 

Grade: B

Chick-fil-a Spirit Night

Tonight I went to Chick Fil-a for spirit night. I went with mom, dad, and my sister Nora. I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich and it was very spicy. It was crunchy and it smelled like breadcrumbs. I did like the fries, chicken, and the playroom. I didn’t like it when we met the mascot because I was too shy.

I hope I go there for my next spirit night.

Grade: A+