sausage wraps

I ate something that looked like a hot dog and drank apple juice. I liked the protein and bread. But I did not like the thick brown crust. It smelled and felt smooth and chewy. The food made me feel stuffed.


20 thoughts on “sausage wraps”

  1. Daly, you did a great job on your blog, can’t wait to read what you write about next!

  2. Awesome Daly! Makes me hungry reading. I can’t wait to read about your next meal.

  3. Daly,
    What a great description of your meal! I love how you talked about the taste and texture. You rock!

  4. Hi daly,
    You might ask mom to wrap your sausages in crescent rolls. There’s no brown outside. Keep up with the writing. Good job!!
    Huggs, ms. Georgina

  5. Excellent blog Daly! For a twist try tortillas instead of bread, and there is no crust.

  6. Trying different sauces makes everything better! Excellent descriptive writing!

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