Olive Garden

I went to Olive Garden today. It’s my sister’s favorite place. She always gets fettuccine. I always get lasagna. It is an Italian place. You really should go there. It is a fun place. I like the lasagna and noodles. But I didn’t eat all of it because my tummy got hurt after eating all those breadsticks and salad. I left unhappy. 
Grade: C-

8 thoughts on “Olive Garden”

  1. I think ALL of us left with upset tummies. Let’s not go back to the OG for awhile, ok?

  2. The olive garden used to be so great, but I think it’s gone down hill. Hope your tummy feels better soon Daly!!

  3. Olive Garden hurts my tummy too. I like lasagna as well, but I really love eggplant parmesan.

  4. You are doing very well in your writing, daly! I like hearing about all the good food you are telling us about. Kept it up!!- ms G

  5. Yummmmmmm! I love Olive Garden Tascona Soup. (Spelling?). Daly you are an awesome writer!!

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