Egg and I and video games

I’m at the egg and I. I ordered the pancake flapper. But I’m thinking about video games. I never tried this before and I am going to like it. 
When I eat my food I can taste a little butter but it is shaved butter. I loved it. 
Grade: A-
P.s. Food is my life

15 thoughts on “Egg and I and video games”

  1. Shaved butter is ok, but not any other kind of butter. The Egg and I is aunt Danie approved

  2. love the Egg and I, glad you enjoyed it! And now I can try something new there! JD says hello!

  3. I need this in my belly NOW!!!! We love your reviews buddy! Keep em coming!!!

  4. Daly,
    Great review I have only eaten at the Egg&I once and it was pretty good.
    If you liked the Egg & I you should try the Broken Egg it’s fantastic. It has more or a Cajun taste and you can order a Bloody Mary, maybe just tomato juice and green beans for you buddy. Keep up the solid work.

  5. I like sausage with my eggs. I don’t eat the chicken though (ha ha). You need to write a book.

    You are such a great blogger Daly!!!

    I love you

  6. I love reading your reviews! It makes me jealous that I live so far away and can’t have all this awesome food with you guys!

  7. Yum. Every time you post these pictures and write your blog I get so hungry. I just want to gobble that pancake right up.

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