Buffalo Wild Wings

My name is Daly and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings. I got to split the spicy garlic sauce wings with mom. We got the 20 pc wings. mom ate 6. I ate 14. I loved it and it was so cool. I ate my meat.
Grade: A+

P.s. Food is my life. 

33 thoughts on “Buffalo Wild Wings”

  1. Ummmm…. You forgot to invite Aunt Danie to Buffalo Wild Wings for spicy garlic wings!

  2. I love BWW. Caribbean Jerk is my favorite wing flavor. It’s spicy and sweet. Keep up the great writing.

  3. You should def try the fried pickles next time. Also the cheese curds. So good.

  4. Dude. Go boneless! Mango habanero(mucho spicy) and Caribbean Jerk are my favorites!!!

  5. I love BWW! I have never tried Spicy Garlic. Thanks for the heads up, I will have to try those next time!

  6. My husband loves Buffalo wild wings. We go there when there’s a game on. My favorite flavor is the lemon pepper and the garlic one, my husband loves the really spicy ones. Keep writing, your posts are so interesting!

  7. I like plain wings with katsup. I live eating out with you and Nora. Maybe aunt Danie and I can meet you sometime

    I sure miss you at my house

  8. I normally go to BW3 when it’s football season, but this post made me hungry for wings!

  9. I ❤️ Wings! Do you like to dip your wings? I love to dip mine in ranch dressing!

  10. Were the wings very spicy or only a little spicy? I love garlic but am not very tough! I am a little scared to try them!

  11. You know what Dad’s favorite thing about going to BWW is? The Marble Slab that’s next door.

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