Asian and Mini’s Restaurent

We went to this new place to go celebrate my book talk presentation at school. I even got a 100 on it. So we went to Asian and Mini’s restaurant. I got the shrimp lo mein but mom got me the kids size, which was a short dinner. Mom got beef stew. Dad got pad Thai and Nora got a salad and not good fish. I got lemonade. It tasted okay. Even though not good fish means I see ketchup, which makes me uncomfortable. Bye bye.
Grade: B–

One thought on “Asian and Mini’s Restaurent”

  1. Daly
    I guess you are going to be a great writer like your mom. I am soooooooo proud of your book report
    Katsup does help if food does not taste good

    Love dalyeats reports!!!

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